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How do I set field visibility to an attribute table?

Question asked by lottegis on Aug 10, 2015
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My dataset has numerous fields and it's joining with a table with similarly numerous fields so I wanted to reduce the number of scrolling I'd have to do. I had the Fields View of my feature layer and specified the fields I want to keep visible. This didn't seem to trigger ArcGIS Pro to do anything to the attribute table itself when I went to view it. When I closed the Fields View, it told me:


Unsaved Changes Found

Are you sure you want to close this pane? All unsaved edits to this workspace will be lost...

OK | Cancel


I clicked Cancel and looked for ways to save this state. Ctrl+S, in the Ribbon, etc... and tried closing the pane again - still the same message.


There doesn't seem to be way from the attributes table view to turn off fields either so I'm stuck.


Is there a step I'm missing to transfer the field visibility state over to the attribute table view?