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Can you get an AppID by creating a Web Map before creating a Web Mapping Application?

Question asked by Rob_ol on Aug 6, 2015
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I have previously created multiple web appbuilder viewers, by first creating a Web Map (no App Registration is located in the "Item Details"), and have been looking into adding in some custom widgets to improve there performance. I have seen docs/video tutorials on how to get the AppID in order to sync the web appbuilder and the Developer Edition. However, the process is different to what I have done before. I did manage to create a new customisable web appbuilder using the developer edition and added some widgets to this.


My question is, is it possible to sync the developer edition to the previously created viewers? I have tried to import these to the Developer Edition but I get this error message: "Failed to upgrade the app ! Please refer to the log for details".



Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would be able to create completely new web apps but I would prefer to edit my previously created ones!


I hope I gave enough info!