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Graphics layer, static rendering and labels

Question asked by MrWlodek on Aug 4, 2015
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we just upgraded the .NET SDK to 10.2.6 and noticed that, alas, labels won't show on a graphics layer when the layer is being rendered in the static mode.


When the rendering mode is switched to dynamic, the labels are shown as expected but due to a large number (25k+) of layer features the responsiveness becomes very poor in this mode. With 10.2.5, in static mode, the labels are shown and the application has decent responsiveness even with tens of thousands of features.


Is anyone aware of this issue and perhaps there is a workaround?


Meanwhile, since the labels as well as navigation responsiveness are crucial for our application, we have no choice but to revert back to 10.2.5, hoping that this shortcoming will be fixed soon.


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