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Map Journal - web map not displaying properly

Question asked by newell.kate on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by newell.kate

I recently edited the pop-up configuration of the web map that feeds my map journal. The web map functions and looks fine when I view it alone, but when I view it through my map journal, it says "Something went wrong the map did not load correctly".


I have tried editing my map journal and re-pointing the main stage to the web map, but it just sits there saying "loading" until if finally just bails out.

Any ideas?


All of the other instances that reference the web map in the map journal are also not functioning, and have lost their custom location configurations and labels.


Here is the map journal:


and here is the web map that is supposed to be showing/functioning:


attached is a pic of the "loading" stallout when I try to edit the mainstage: