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Arcgis Pro - How to use "Like" function in definition query?

Question asked by Licif on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by rfairhur24

I used the "Like" function all the time in ArcMAP definition queries.  ArcGIS Pro doesn't seem to offer this function.  It is not shown as an option in clause mode for a definition query, and if i try to type it in manually in SQL mode it gives me an error.  I use the same syntax as in ArcMap so i'm not sure why its not accepted.  For example - if i want to filter out features based on a field that begins with 114 i would use Field Like '114%' (subbing in the name of the field of course). Pro does not accept this and tells me there is an error.  Why is this not working, and WHY is the Like function not offered in Clause Mode (contains, begins with, etc)??  Please help.