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Creating many line features with python script

Question asked by alexwallach on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by Dan_Patterson

I am currently analyzing a point density map from data taken over a mountainous area in ArcMap. I have a line feature that I made expressing a flight path. I would like to draw a bunch of lines perpendicular to this flight path. Using the feature construction tool, I was able to draw a few of these lines. I then used Stack Profile in the 3D Analyst toolbox so that I could find the point densities in relation to the distance away from the initial vertex. However, for the purpose of my analysis, I would like to have many lines (~100) evenly from the beginning to the end of the flight path line spanning the entire swath of the data set for several point density maps.


As a result, manually creating these lines would be very tedious so I was hoping to be able to create a python script to speed up the process and be able to easily do this for future analyses. How will I be able to do this with a python script, if it is possible? I have very little experience with python scripts, so any help on this is greatly appreciated.