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Open a Widget with minimized UI on app start (Widget Manager)

Question asked by s.junggeosecure-de-esridist Employee on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by s.junggeosecure-de-esridist

I have a in-panel widget which should be (open) minimized when the app starts.


Using the property 'openAtStart: true' is working fine to open the widget when the app starts, but the widget is starting with maximized UI. When using the widget on a mobile device the Panel will use the complete screen.


Is there any property i missed to open the widget with minimized UI at start?


What i've tried is to use the Widget Manager to minimize the widget after it has been initialized. But i've never get it work to minimize any widget, not event the startard widgets (Legend, Layer-List).


GetAllWidgets works like expected and returns the loaded widgets. But if i try to minimize with the widget instance or the id nothing happens:


var wm = WidgetManager.getInstance();
var widgetList = wm.getAllWidgets();

wm.minimizeWidget(widgetList [8])
wm.minimizeWidget(widgetList [8].id)


Any hint is welcome
- Stefan