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Download street map and Imagery for offline use

Question asked by jasonMDSP on Jul 28, 2015

Hello. I'm new to ArcGis, and wanted to know if there's a way to download World Imagery and/or street maps for offline use in ArcGis runtime for.NET. I read that I need a .geodatabase, so I downloaded ArcMap. I followed this link


Creating ArcGIS Runtime content—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop


  1. I go to ArcMap
  2. Create new blank map
  3. Right click Layers, and add New Basemap Layer
  4. Click File -> ArcGIS Online...
  5. Add a map
    1. Tried World Imagery (for Export), OpenStreetMap WorldStreetMap
  6. When I try to Share as ArcGIS Runtim Content I get a Code 00005 "Layer type is no supported"

I also tried downloading the .lyr, .lpk, and .mxd for these maps online, but nothing has worked.


I only need to get an offline Street and/or Imagery map for development. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.