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Create enterprise geodatabase error code 000152

Question asked by rtclark2 on Jul 27, 2015
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Hi All,


When i attempt to create a new Enterprise Geodatabase using the 'Create Enterprise Geodatabase Tool' it fails and kicks back the 000152 error message "000152: Administrator username and password are required" but the thing is i am using an account that is both admin on the db server and also part of the sysadmin on the SQL instance so in theory every thing should be fine.


Any ideas on what i am missing?



ArcGIS desktop and server 10.3; SQL 2014


Edit 1:


Not answered but was able to create a enterprise database via creating a  database in SQL Server 2014 and then enabling the database with 'Enable Enterprise Geodatabase' tool.


If any one has any ideas as to why the 'Create Enterprise Geodatabase Tool' failed i would still like to know


Edit 2:

Able to create a database when sde owned schema is unchecked.


Edit 3:


Never mind it works now when sde owned schema is checked and i supply an admin password.


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