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unable to establish connection to provider FDO provider entry point function 'create connection returned null'

Question asked by viplove on Jul 24, 2015

Hi all


it was possible to connect autocad map and ArcGIS 10.2. After the upgrading to ArcGIS l0.3, It is not possible to connect with autocad map 3D-2015 according to Autodesk following links they were provided.


Its a 64 bit machine. PRODUCT DETAILS: Arcgis server Basic-10.3, Arcgis std desktop 10.3, and oracle 12 C DB.


I have tried all possible solutions for the above problem


Error: "Unable to establish connect to provider..." (ArcSDE) | AutoCAD Civil 3D | Autodesk Knowledge Network


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Till now solution in vane


Anyone provide the solution please?