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Error when publish project from vs 2013

Question asked by runtime on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by brysageek

Hello All,

I followed all steps in "Deploy an app" tutorial, I can see my deployment folder with all my files and the ArcGISRuntime10.2.6 folder, I've already tried to run the application from the deployment folder and it works fine.


Now, when I select "Publish project" and make the ClickOnce files and try to install in a clean pc, setup stops with a missing file error.  Details shows that this is the missing file:

/ArcGISRuntime10.2.6/resources/shaders/texture_draw_instanced_vs_4_0.cso.deploy did not succeed.


This file exists in the deployment folder, the weird thing is that the Application folder generated by the Publish Wizard does not contain the ArcGISRuntime10.2.6 folder or any of its resources.


Any ideas why?

Please advice

Best Regards