Updating Feature Layers

Discussion created by Zemken12_1 on Jul 21, 2015
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Seems to me the process for overwriting a feature layer in AGOL is quite difficult and picky. See the attached photos for all the requirements.


My goal is to preserve the description, view count, rating, metadata of feature layers that are often updated.


As far as I understand, if Feature Layer data table column has been edited in anyway, an overwrite is not possible. For example my city hosts a feature layer that contains information about parking lots, their location, operating hours, and pricing. The city recently updated this feature layer and removed the pricing field, rendering an update impossible.


Is it likely, or even possible, that in the near future overwriting feature layers will be easier to manage?


I'm also trying to figure out a way to best manage data so I can update all my feature layers as quickly as possible.


I can't be the only one!


I've also tried to update my FS from ArcDesktop, but when I get to the overwrite wizard, I do the following: Share as Service --> Overwrite an existing service, select outdated dataset --> (A warning box pops up, see attachment) --> I click yes....warning box disappears, then nothing happens.


thanks for reading