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Incorporating web map pop up styles with WAB edit widget popups?

Question asked by CityOHGIS on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by CityOHGIS

I am designing an app through the online WAB, and while I went through style changes to the popups when I created the web map (such as enabling rich text entry boxes and multi-line text boxes so long responses would be easily read), once I put it into WAB and the "Edit" widget is enabled, the pop up reverts to the standard one-line attribute entry, and it shows all the attributes even if I have them turned off in the popup from the web map. NOW, if I open up the app and don't click the edit widget, the web map popups I want are there.


I'm attaching pictures of the popups to better illustrate what I'm wanting. "Capture1.PNG" is the popup style of the web map that I want to incorporate. "Capture2.PNG" is what I get in the WAB edit widget.

Is this an issue being addressed for WAB? Any quick fixes, or is this a scripting issue? I'd really like to incorporate rich text boxes for two of the fields in the edit widget's pop up window when placing a new feature, but if there's no clear fix without a hefty amount of scripting, then I can live with it for the time being. Thanks in advance!