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Error Trapping

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Jul 20, 2015
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I need to parse out address elements (house-num, pre-dir, street-name, suf-dir, street-type) from a single string field into individual fields. All my addresses should in the form of pre-dir, house-num, street-name, suf-dir or suf-type depending on the street name


Not a big deal, but my current script errors out with a 999999 error.  This tells me that somewhere down the line I have an address that does not follow the form above (hence should...)  At any rate is there a way to trap the error in such a fashion that I and make it an exception, or give me the record oid of the offending record?


Version 10.2.2 arcgis, appears to be Python 2.7.5 installed: