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auto-populate fields when adding related records

Question asked by caleband on Jul 20, 2015
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Someone asked a similar question here with no replies so I'll ask it again in a different way.


Is it possible to auto-populate a field (in addition to the unique ID) from a parent feature service to a related record?


I currently have my unique ID auto-populating when creating new related records but I would like other fields to transfer to my related record as well. For example, I would like the manhole # and the serial # of the monitor to transfer from the original point feature service to the related table (maintenance records). Auto-populating fields would save the field-guys from typing this info over and over.


I've experimented with a few varieties of relationship classes without success. Any ideas would be great. Thanks


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Contacted ESRI and was told by support that this is not possible


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The best I could come up with for a workaround (after deep-diving into some other forums) is to move the data from the cloud to our local SDE. Our main brain GIS people will make the data available for collector and field collection work-flows will continue as usual. With the data stored locally, I can automate the following tool to "auto-populate" specified fields (field personnel leave the field blank and the tool runs nightly and replaced null values with data from a parent feature class field):



The "Calculate Field" in the above model builder tool has the following script:




I tried it out locally and it works but I haven't tried it through our SDE yet. There will have to be some coordination to make this happen but I don't see why it wouldn't work.