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3D Cities: ETL/Interoperability Issue Exporting 3DCIM to CityGML

Question asked by on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by Malvina_Salala



I am having issue with the ETL tools for interoperability from 3DCIM to CityGML. I am using the public CityGML 2.0 example dataset as a test, specifically the Building module.


1. I am successful in opening and viewing the CityGML dataset in a GML viewer using FME. The entire module is present.

     Dataset here.

     Log file here.

2. I am successful in translating the CityGML dataset to 3DCIM, and opening and viewing it in ArcGIS. All features are present.

     Log file here.

3. I translate the 3DCIM back into CityGML. However, when I open it in FME, I get an error message: "There is no geometry in this View."

     Dataset here.  

     Log file (translating 3DCIM to CityGML) here.

     Log file (opening CityGML) here.


Can anyone advise? Why am I unable to load the CityGML file after translating it from 3DCIM? As a test, I tried using the example 3DCIM Portland dataset provided by Esri on Github and translating that to CityGML, and I get the same error.