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Why does Background Processing fail?

Question asked by sbuscher on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by sbuscher

I developed a Python module that is using arcpy to perform some geoprocessing.  I can successfully run the geoprocessing routines outside of ArcMap. This is accomplished by opening up a Python interpreter in command shell, importing the module, and executing a function that kicks off the GP.


For ArcMap I created a Python Toolbox that that imports the module I developed and has a tool that kicks off the same GP routines.  However, the same code fails with the infamously non-descriptive exception of 'Your background geoprocessing operations did not complete sucessfully due to an error'. With some logging, I was able to pinpoint the process specifically failing on the Dice tool.


My first guess was I didn't have an Advanced Desktop license checked out from the license server.  At first I couldn't even run the tool (ArcMap denies it) until I switched from Standard to Advanced. That ruled out a licensing issue.  So I tried running the the Dice directly from the System Toolbox using the exact same parameters.  It worked.


In summary, my package executes fine when running outside of ArcMap, but fails when it is run as a Tool. It can't be a license issue because I have the required license. The System Toolbox Dice tool also works. Now I'm left with an extremely generic exception message from ArcMap with nowhere to go. Any ideas?


ArcMap 10.1

64 bit Background Geoprocessing installed