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Can't make FGDB field editable after export from hosted feature service

Question asked by cbeyerhelm on Jul 14, 2015

In order to prevent inadvertent edits to an ID field during data maintenance with ArcGIS Collector, I set the field to "read-only" in ArcMap prior to publishing the feature class to an AGOL hosted feature service.


I exported the feature service back to FGDB format at the conclusion of data collection, but could not un-check the field's read-only setting.  See the attached example.


I can open an edit session on the FGDB, I can add fields, I can delete fields, and I can do any other sort of edit, but I cannot set that field back to editable.


The exported FGDB is not a replica, It appears to be a FGDB of the plain vanilla variety.


The work-around was easy enough...just add a new field, calc the ID values into it, and delete the original field.  No problem.


However, I remain curious about why I was prevented from setting the ID field back to an editable state.  Any explanations are welcome.