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Question asked by esolano on Jul 13, 2015
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I just  started building apps using AGOL Web AppBuilder about a month ago, just prior to the latest release last week. Then, I noticed two major changes:

1- The basemap tool wasn't showing on the final app, or at least I can't seem to find it after I updated the app.

2- Before the update, once a user started the app by inputting the URL: the app was initialized and the user could start using it right away without requiring to have an AGOL connection, since the majority of the users are non-GIS savvy that was very convenient. But now it seems to be mandatory to sign in AGOL.

The other choice, implementing our own ArcGIS Server to serve the app from it is, for me, a task out of my league. I will appreciate any feedback on these comments.

Emilio Solano, Assessor's Office, Los Angeles County.