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Batch processing: turning NetCDF to raster

Question asked by shakespace on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by shakespace

I did a bit searching on the Internet and here's my practice:

import arcpy as ap  
import glob  
# this will give you a Python list object that you can use to batch process all of your files  
# just insert the path to your folder holding the netCDF files  
cdfList = glob.glob('F:\\NLDAS 2-primary forcing\\test\\*.nc')  
print cdfList

# now you can loop through your list and process each file one at a time  
for cdf in cdfList:  
    print "Now processing: " + cdf,"pevapsfc","lon","lat",cdf+"_r")  
print "Done!"

It ran smoothly but I didn't see anything on my output folder. Did I do something wrong?