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Hosted Tile Layer Pop-up

Question asked by c_jafrank on Jul 8, 2015
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Hello All,

I'm betting that there is a very simple answer to this question but I am just not seeing/finding it.  I have created a cached tile layer in AGOL from ArcMap and within AGOL from a feature layer.  The scale range is at and above the County level to States level so not many tiles.  I found on the Configure Pop-ups docs page the section on "Enabling pop-ups on hosted tile layers without feature data" which states that I should be able to point to a "sublayer" to populate pop-ups.  The directions explain to do this by selecting to "Enable Pop-up" on the tile layer as I would with a feature layer in the Details>Content list of the Map .  The problem is that I don't have that option on my tile layer.  This seems fairly straight forward.  I must have missed something along the way but in retracing my steps for creating the tile layer, I can't find what it might be.  Anyone have a thought or suggestion where to look?


Thanks much,