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Portal Best Practices for setup?

Question asked by pk_davidson on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by JQuinn-esristaff

Surprisingly, I didn't find any prior posts about combining Portal with Server:


I am starting to setup an internal Portal  w/ Federated/Hosting servers

And a new server farm setup based on 10.3.1

I want to tie the whole shebang into our AD servers so that users should be able to do single sign in.

This will all be behind our firewalls on an intranet.

I'm in a virtual server environment, VMware


I've found two recent write ups rather helpful.

Portal for ArcGIS 101   - also published as a pdf somewhere....


I'm curious as to how folks are doing some of the setup:

Are you dedicating a server strictly to Portal?

Putting Portal and ArcGIS Server on the same box?

Federating or Hosting?

http or https?  Am I correct in assuming that it's better to just start with https and go from there.

Seems like I've read that for something to work correctly, you need to be using secure services.


My reading indicates the best thing to do perhaps is to have an ArcGIS Server, with Portal and Data Store on the same box?

Is best to then only lightly load this ArcGIS server and let other Servers do the heavy lifting?


How does IIS play into this?  Separate server?

That's my plan.

Right now we have a server running ArcGIS Server, lots of map services and IIS and well....

It's not the most stable box.


How about when you toss a GeoEvent processor into the mix?

Should you dedicate a Server strictly for GeoEvents?

I'd imagine this depends on how many events are coming in and at what frequency?


What's the installation order that is most successful?

Build up your Server farm and then bring Portal into the mix?

Or stand up Portal first and then go from there?


I can always just build virtual boxes and toss them away if they seem to be wrong.

But without putting the setup into production, it's hard to load it properly for a real-time test.


Now I know a lot these potential answers are really dependent on the organization and it's level of activity.

But any comments or experience will be helpful.