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Batch CityEngine Webscene Export by Segment ID

Question asked by Holisticbynature on Jul 7, 2015
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Hi CityEngine Users,


Does anyone know of any posts that discuss massive batch webscene exports?


Ideally I would like to be able to select a line/street segment by some unique ID, isolate, then frame it, then export a web scene in batch using the Jython functions available in CE.

I understand I will need some type of object scene iterator in the scene. I would also need to group this selection with 3-4 other selections representing different scenarios. I am pretty sure I can export on selection of a segment ID, but I am not sure how to "group" the scenarios with the selection. Is there any experience on isolating a particular shape based on an attribute out there?


Once I have it isolated, I think I would use the 3D View functions to frame it and then do my export with the Export settings. I think the hard part here would be making the group layers for each scenario. Is there any way to declare a group layer name for the export settings in an automated way?


The goal would be to make something that could take CE procedurally generated segments, and make a separately URL link and webscene for each segment. Each segment would consist of 3-4 models grouped by a "Group Name" I also would probably want a dictionary of URL link-Segment ID pairs to then include back into a script on the GIS server side.


I was hoping to know if anyone had any experience with this.


Chris Wilkins I would love to discuss with you if you have time.

Kind regards,