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turned on editor tracking and get the message cannot create replica

Question asked by rajtarchristie on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by impres

Using Collector 10.3.1on Android 5.0

New to this, we only got our first field map working this week, but not properly since we want to be able to take it offline and keep the editor tracking available


I have a couple basemaps on my device from a tile package I created.

I made my service editable and offline: versioning is disabled, archiving is enabled, sync is enabled

It downloads no problem at this point.... then I go back to the feature class and enable editor tracking and use specified fields.


I am able to edit points as long as I am connected to a network.

But the editor and creator fields are populated with "Esri_anonymous" which doesn't help us when it comes to editing.


The download button still appears in Collector

Upon clicking it, about half way, I receive an error message when downloading:

"The map 'TestStructures' failed to download with the message: Failed to create replica. Editor tracking fields must be visible"

1. my editor tracking fields are visible

2. why is it trying to create a replica? I have editing sync turned on so there is only one default version


Do you know any work arounds?

What properties do I have to enable for this to work?