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How export Higher Dynamic Range Tiffs from ArcMap ?

Question asked by andreamilan on Jul 7, 2015


Hello everyone,I would like to export the Hillshade from Arcmap maintaining the largest range of grayscale values and detail to have more flexibility in Photoshop. I found a video tutorial that explains how to do this,of which I put below link , but i don't understand why i get different results.


I should export four raster , they are calculated from a DTM base5 Tiff 32 float , they will serve me for a topographic map to 25000 in photoshop (130x170cm 600 or 1200dpi ,I don't know yet ,this is the mo first project  and I will make the proofs ).

The raster in the Table of Content of Arcmap that I have tried to export are the following:


  1. MDOW Hillshade Model ( calculated with Hillshade Tools 3.3)
  2. Aerial_Perspective (calculated with Hillshade Tools 3.3)
  3. Filtered_Hillshade (calculated with Hillshade Tools 3.3)
  4. HillSha_dtm ( calculated with Hillshade(spatial Analyst Tool)



I tried with two export method.


First method: File ==> Export Map,


I can export it to the resolution that I want, but using this method I can not export to a depth greater than 8 bits .


Second method: directly in Table Ff Contents , right-click on that I want to export raster ==> data ==> export data, and I choose tif without putting the check on render. But even then I do not have the option of choosing 16 bit because in my case this hillshade are all 8-bit originally :


"MDOW Hillshade Model" in 8-bit ",


" Filtered_Hshd_Clip "8-bit and HillSha_dtm is 8-bit ,


"HillSha_dtm" is 8 bit,


only" Aerial_Persp_Clip "is 16 bits.


Also I have another  problem with this second method : all tiff exported are in 72dpi resolution (3700x5500) insufficient ,I assume, for printing 130x170 cm map.


Of course all these rastere arise from the same DTM 32bit float . As in the video hillshade is actually 16 bit, I imagine that this is possible but I do not know how.





video tutorial that I have found;