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Custom editor field dijit, cascading pulldowns, and hooking onto the onchange event?

Question asked by timdine on Jul 3, 2015
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I have two fields using custom Dijits that are pulldowns populated from a store object.  The behavior I'd like to see is that when I change one of the pulldowns I hook onto that event and change the contents of the store for the other pulldown.  It is the same behavior you would see in ArcGIS desktop with changing a subtype and getting a new domain assigned to a field (except subtypes / domains are bugged in feature services and I want to chain together five of these fields in sequential pulldowns).


I've been fiddling with the onchange event of the dijit.  I can set it to be a function of my choosing.  The problem is that the viewer wants to replace the function I've assigned with the function it wants to assign as part of the out of the api.


function(){var h=g._toArray(arguments),e=c?(a||[f]:f;return e&&e.apply(a||this,d.concat(h))}


When I watch the requests being sent to the server this function is related to the applyedits method being called to write the new value to the server.


If I'm unable to override the onchange event of the dijit, is it going to be possible to have dijits that influence each other?  Is there another potential direction I could take to achieve this behavior?