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Feature Class Default Domain Values

Question asked by vtanrgis on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by cporras

I'm working with a feature class that has a domain for 0/1 for No/Yes and I'm trying to default these values to NO when a feature is collected. Within the feature class properties, I have the domain defined for the coded values 0/1 and have assigned a default value of 0 (No). When in ArcMAP adding a feature, I see that the fields correctly populate with the default description of the coded value NO. However, in Collector, it is not assigning a default value when a new feature is added. It's simply blank and requires the user to select NO/YES. With many required fields, this is tedious and requires a lot of time in the field.


Is there a way to get the default values to populate in Collector? Is this a bug?