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Layer does not show up in attribute widget list

Question asked by aimong on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by aimong

I have a feature service that is password protected (requires a double log in first to AGOL then to the feature service using the company domain). I have been developing a web app and one time (while already logged into AGOL) instead of logging in to the feature service I hit cancel so the feature service did not load into the app. Now when I open the app and log in to the feature service it will show up in the layer list and can be edited but will not show up in the attribute widget list nor can I open the attribute table from the layer drop down list ("open attribute table" is greyed out). I have tried deleting temp internet files, logging in and out, taking the layer out, saving and loading it back in to the map viewer but nothing works. Any ideas?