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Desktop Query Syntax for Hosted Feature Layer

Question asked by wysorj on Jul 1, 2015

I have a hosted feature layer in AGOL that I want to query from ArcMap (10.2.2) to find records where a date field occurs before another date field plus one year.  When the data resides in a file geodatabase I can do this query using the following syntax:


Date_Cert_Due < Date_Work_Finished+365



This selects those records whose Date_Cert_Due is before the Date_Work_Finished plus one year.  When I try to do the same query on my hosted feature layer the query looks very similar:


"Date_Cert_Due" < "Date_Work_Finished" + 365


When I verify the SQL, I get "There was an error with the expression."


I have tried using single quotes and no quotes and they didn't work.  What am I missing?  Can I do this type of query of a hosted feature layer from ArcMap on my desktop?