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Customizing Edit Widget Popup with a customField and ValidationTextBox?

Question asked by timdine on Jun 29, 2015
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I'm attempting to enhance the editing functionality found in the JavaScript Viewer produced by the Web App builder (Developer Edition).  A simple version of what I am attempting would be creating a way to force the validation of an web address into a text box when editing a feature service.


From the research I've done so far it appears that I need to set the customField property within the layerinfo section config_edit.json for the appropriate field.  When I do put something in there I'm unsure if it's correct because I'm not sure where it is ending up.  It looks like it gets passed right through the editor widget.js code (it runs right throughh the getLayers function) and that the popup doesn't know what to do with it (other fields come in fine while my custom field has only a label and a blank spot where my custom dijit should be), but haven't found where to sort that out.  I haven't found the spot in the api or a widget's code that looks like where the infowindow/popup get built and would need to reference a custom dijit.


For testing I've been trying to assign the URLInput dijit found within the default viewer to a generic text field.  If that can work I'll change it out to have different validation.  Most of what I've read through the forum talks about doing this sort of thing on generic viewers, but not about attempting it within the web app builder template code.  Any help would be appreciated!





Clearer version of what I'm attempting.  Multi-select input for text field in javascript attribute inspector

I haven't figured out referencing a dijit in the out of the box editor config that can be used by the attribute inspector.  I want to make what is happening in the linked discussion function in the Web App Builder Widget Framework.  I don't require the GUI config, straight to the code is fine.


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Message was edited by: Tim Dine Attachment with some progress using a string in the config that is detected in widget.js and replaced with a phone number validator dijit.