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Python Scripting-choosing transactional version

Question asked by gjorgenson_ACHD12000 on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by gjorgenson_ACHD12000


I am trying to find some python script that will set the transactional version for our SQL enterprise geodatabase.  We have two versions, the "Default" version and another version we'll call "Enterprise".  After an automated script that runs to reconcile, post, and analyze the "Default" version and another script which analyzes the tables in the "Enterprise" version we would like to set the Transactional version to be the "Enterprise" version.  I have been unable to find any tools or scripts that address this.


I did find the "Change Version" tool in the Data Management toolbox ->Versions -> Change Versions

but, that tool is for only changing a Feature Class and not a Dataset or the entire geodatabase.


Any ideas on how I could make this happen would be greatly appreciated!


Gail Jorgenson