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Mapservice returning in boundary for X & Y that is not in the boundary

Question asked by ebrown123 on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by eanolan

I am seeing an odd/unexplainable outcome and wanted to ask the expert mappers out there what changes, or suggestions they have on this odd behavior I am seeing. Here are the specifics:


I have a mapservice with a specific boundary which is a large (polygon) shape, with smaller boundaries within the larger boundary which are also polygons.


This mapservice works as expected i.e an identify operation is used via a REST url. In the url X & Y is added along with extents( xmin, ymin, xma, ymax), spatial ref, tolerance, image display and the return type of json. The imageDisplay is set to 10000,10000,96 and the extents are built dynamically by adding and subtracting .01 from the X & Y (once it is passed into the java service). This configuration is also in use for other layered mapservices we have and we have no issues ( that we know of thus far (3 years ++) ).


Now this works for other locations except this one specific address. The funny thing is that it's an address that is not even on the border of the larger boundary. If it was then I would just chalk it up to being close, but this address is at least 20 ft (or more) from the larger boundary, yet no matter what extents or image display I use it is always identified as in the boundary. I first thought well it could be differing X & Y since I have seen different X & Y when using Google, custom built locators and ArcGIS online services. But no matter what X & Y I use I get the same results, the location is in the boundary, and if you use a map for any of the  X & Y you can see that it clearly is not!


I must say I am at a loss. I think it's a bug of some sort in the software, but I thought maybe if I asked some mapping veterans out there they might be able to shed some light on this.


Any more info need please ask, and any comments or suggestions please feel free to add!