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Implementation of script for bus waiting stops

Question asked by Quimet87 on Jun 23, 2015



I've tried to add waiting time in bus stops in several ways (elevation fields, sub-segments, etc), but nothing worked.


I'm now trying to use this script I've found in Internet:


if (SourceID of turn's FromEdge is equal to pedestrian feature class SourceID) and (SourceID of turn's ToEdge is equal to bus route feature class SourceID)

     add delay of x time to cost


     add delay of 0 time to cost


I understand this script works to add the waiting time in bus stops from streets to bus lines, that's what I want. But I don't know what should I substitute in that script from what I've got.


I have these tables:


Streets Gyazo - c5ff76ab62dd137d14ff7cfcff3f464e.png  (a_29 is the time I want to use for people walking)

Bus lines Gyazo - ec68559edcb5f413ebc2be157754a545.png  (there are 12 bus lines. This capture is from 1 of them)

Bus stops Gyazo - 77f6f7e5f995d79cff8158527f710bc9.png  (same, I have 12 bus stops layers).


I suppose also that script is in Bus stops time parameter.