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Class extension for use with ArcGIS Server

Question asked by fannonj on Jun 19, 2015
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We've developed a class extension for ArcGIS Desktop (v10.2.1) for a client who now wants to use serve some of their data, which is registered with the class extension, using ArcGIS Server (v10.2.1).


I've deployed the desktop class extension onto their development ArcGIS Server, which also has ArcGIS Desktop installed. The data is visible in ArcGIS Desktop, but when we publish this to server we are getting errors to do with the class extension along the lines of:


The Layer:'<layername>' in Map:'Layers' is invalid. The base table definition string "<tablename>" is invalid. Unable to create object class extension COM component [<tablename>].


I've just done a quick search and it looks like this is due to ArcGIS Server being 64-bit and the class extension is designed and compiled for desktop, which is 32-bit. So it sounds like we need to produce a version of the class extension that is compiled against the 64-bit server assemblies.


Is this all that is required? Has anyone else had to do this? What are the steps involved?


Any help most appreciated.