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Merging FindTaskSample code with FeatureEditingLayerSample code

Question asked by lizaeveron on Jun 18, 2015

I am still new in the area of developing iOS apps using Swift and ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS.

I am having trouble with the accessory button for callout when I try combining the FeatureLayerEditingSample code with the FindTaskSample code and my question is if it is possible to make a callout appear by clicking on a table view instead of tapping on the map? 


The app I am trying to develop needs to do something like this:

When the app opens up, you will be presented with a sidebar with a table view  with X amount of locations and when you click on a location, you will be presented with more information of that given location (and able to edit the information) and the option to zoom in on that location on the map. 

Up till now I am using the findTask code to find the locations on the map when I click on a location in the table view and I am using the other code for the editing part. Both are doing their job, but the problem is when the location is found I need to dismiss the first callout I see and click the location again to make the callout appear again and only then will the accessory button work to enter the feature editing part.

I am thinking that maybe the problems lays with one using a webmap and the other a mapserver, but even if that were the problem i still wouldn't know how to fix it. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me with this problem.