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Web App Query Widget- Zoom Issue

Question asked by kirk11 on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by bhopper_cofgisonline

I've developed a Web App using the Web App Builder in AGOL. The app displays a point Map Service that was uploaded onto AGOL from a local server. I am having an issue with the results of a query using the built-in Query widget.


Below is a Filter Definition for a query. It is set up so the user enters a string and the query checks if the string is contained within the field.


The problem occurs after the query is run. The results window displays properly, but the map does not display (just a gray screen, as shown below behind the results window). Also, the scale bar shows “NaNmi” instead of the normal scale bar notation. I cannot zoom in or out.




The only way to get the map visible again is to hit the “Home” button. Now back on the original extent, the map displays properly with the query results symbolized.


I've found that this problem only persists if the query returns about 10 or more items. For a query that returns fewer results, the map and the layer both display properly and there are no issues. Also, I have another Web App that utilizes a polygon Map Service, and this is not a problem. Is this because of a size restriction on query results? Or a bug when using a Map Service displaying point data?