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Collector : an offline app not very offline ?

Question asked by NicolasGIS on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by A.Klauseggermysynergis-esridist



We were very interested into having an offline application to work where no connection is available and for this reason we choose Collector for ArcGIS.


Collector is said to be an offline application but it is only partially true !

Indeed, it needs a connection at the beginning to identify with AGOL. We thought that by not killing the app or not disconnecting from it, it would work. Once again, it is partially true because sometimes it does not require any connection to relaunch the app and sometimes it does and then you are stuck ...


Is there any pattern in the identification process that could help us to anticipate this issue ? As we wanted to use the app in an emergency scenario where no connection would be available, it is a big disappointment.


Any suggestion to avoid this problem is very welcome,


Thanks for your help,