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QT ArcGIS SDK, QML and C++ objects interoperability.

Question asked by alexmarkolov on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2015 by alexmarkolov

Hello anybody,


I'm implementing mobile viewer for our Geographic Information System (GIM Some things I thought to move to C++ level, but I met the fact that I can't use in C++ code objects created in QML. Why? Why natural interoperability of QT QML is broken in QT SDK?
I spend few days to understand the problem when I found this this thing in SDK release note:
"Interoperability between identical object instances from both the C++ and QML APIs is not supported. For example, passing a Point geometry object from QML to C++ and performing geometry operations on that Point in C++ is not supported."

Why I can't cast QML Layer to C++ Layer? It is the same objects!!!!
Is this commercial or technical issue?

Alex Merkulov