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Custom brochure printing Python

Question asked by laac0003 on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by iamurray

Hi everyone- I have an idea and I am just starting to learn Python so I would like to know if my idea can be executed using Python... So I have a polygon shapefile with 1000 polygons. Each polygon is a field/farm, the attribute table has the name of the owner and his/her address. I also happen to have a raster image that cover the same geography (satellite image). I want to print a brochure/newsletter to send it to these clients. In the front page of the brochure I will have texts and the address of the client (for postage). In the back, I want to print the clipped raster using the polygon for each field (each client has one corresponding polygon) as the clipping extent. Can I make a Python script that will my client specific brochures, so that the front of the brochure has the name and address of the client, and the back of the brochure has an image of the field (from the satellite raster image).  I want to spend time and learn about this idea but I thought to ask first if such a task is possible using python/arcmap. Thanks. Esam