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How to stop WMS layer blocking ArcMap?

Question asked by ameskamp on Jun 5, 2015
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we have a couple of customers that use WMS layers in ArcMap. Frequently, the WMS servers are rather slow (response times > 10 seconds), and ArcMap "hangs" while waiting forn the WMS request to complete. Hitting Escape doesn't help.


Is there any way to avoid this effect (other than deactivating the layer or using Pro)? Ideally, we would like to define a time out after which ArcMaps stops waiting for the WMS reply?


If necessary, we're considering ArcObjects development (custom layers? multithreading). A CancelTracker might seem an obvious choice, but as far as I can see from the documentation, that would basically have the same effect as hitting Escape from the keyboard...


Any ideas?


Thanks, Martin