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Dojo/query and Webappbuilder layerlist widget (LayerListView.js)

Question asked by tjacobsen700 on Jun 4, 2015
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I'm trying to modify LayerListView.js of the webappbuilder layer list widget, so the image of the noLegend-image class will change based on the layer.

To accomplish this I tried adding the else-if to the dojo query below.  Based on the HTML/CSS in the attachment, how should the else-if be filled to populate the img class based on the tr class value.  Maybe this is the wrong approach but it seems the most obvious.


Dojo Query:


var imageName:


if (layerInfo.isTable){

     imageName = 'images/table.png';


else if query () == 'yourLayer' {

     imageName = 'images/yourLayer.png';


else {

     imageName = 'imageName = 'images/noLegend.png';