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Modify the REST Service Page created from ArcGIS for Server

Question asked by bokeefe on Jun 4, 2015

I work for the City of Tulsa as a GIS Analyst. One of the things I have to work with, constantly, is the output of REST Services from our ArcGIS for Server setup. If you visit a link to see one of our sample REST Service pages it looks like the following...


Standard page. Just lists out the details for this page with links at the top left for JSON | SOAP. What I am wondering is, if I had a JS Library that converted the JSON or SOAP to 'something else' (think Geo-JSON, RSS, CSV, etc.) is there a mechanism to insert those links for all REST Services?


I've worked with CMS's (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Zikula, Joomla, etc. for 15-20 years now. So I understand backend processes somewhat and recognize that 'somewhere' under the hood, ESRI Server generates those links for JSON and SOAP as well as the engine that creates their output. But... I haven't had opportunity (nor cause, yet) to climb under the hood and see how those work so I am in the dark right now and seeking some light.


I also feel like I should state that I "do understand that ESRI has the Open Data page where I can present all REST Services from my organization in most every format recognizable as GIS related." That information is unrelated.


I'm just curious about where (or even if it's possible) to make modifications on that level for ArcGIS for Server output.


For those curious as to why I am curious, my supervisor unearthed this URL from GitHUB and wondered if I could research it as an option. This question led me to wonder further. It would be nice to let our Web Developers style these pages, brand them, etc (or if they're too busy to do it ourselves).