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Why won't overlap lines in a service area draw?

Question asked by jlabate on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by MMorang-esristaff


I am trying to get the intersection of two 5 minute service areas from a Network Dataset in Network Analyst - rendered as a double line in the output. Even though I set my output Layer Properties / Line Generation setting to "overlapping" ("Generate Lines" is checked) I still get a single line in the overlap areas of the two firehouse service areas. This seems straight forwards enough - I tried the opposite "Not Overlapping" in case I was reading it backwards - but I'm not coming up with the simple intersection of the lines for these two firehouses 5 minute service areas.


I'm running ArcMap 10.1 on Windows 7.


My road network file is in good condition - I have 2:


One is a 2D file in a separate network dataset which generates lines by a "speed" field.


The other is a 3D file - I generated from the 2D with the use of a terrain. That 3D file seems a bit problematic as I'm getting a shorter 5 minute service area than with the 2D - There really aren't any overpasses in the study area so I don't think using the 2D is that much of an issue.. But one problem at a time. Can anyone in the community see where I'm going wrong here?