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AGSGDB generateGeodatabase fails (on large DBs?)

Question asked by jungelpost on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by DGoyal-esristaff

Yesterday new iOS-clients were no longer able to do initial AGSGDB-offline-sync with our AGS server.


Runtime SDK throws the following error upon generateGeodatabaseWithParameters:


Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1100 "The requested URL was not found on this server." UserInfo=0x174c77100 {NSErrorFailingURLStringKey=http://xxxxx/MapServer/_ags_data%7B7D7A28CBA33E44DC9939B255BA521B5E%7D.geodatabase?token=mSynh8LuH0jBPn-_zGE1Wb59XV6lmRq4PQL0hc4EVJeoeV2q5Uil7NFjBsffo-YP,


I could not find too much of interest AGS server logs, but windows event viewer had an interesting entry:



  IIS APPPOOL\ArcGISWebAdaptorAppPool


  Overflow or underflow in the arithmetic operation. 




I did some testing and found that if I trimmed down the size of the initial sync-db by adding a filter to one of our feature classes (with a lot of large attachments), I was able to continue syncing. The arithmentic exception leads me to believe that this has to do with some variable getting an overflow storing the size of our offline gdb.  


Thus, if this is a bug, it does not really belong in the Runtime SDK, it´s probably somewhere in the sync-tool on the server side - old clients are still able to sync - I don´t believe this is a client side issue.


I don´t have the exatct number on how large the db has become, but I believe it is in the 0.5-1GB range.