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relating table to feature class 1-M

Question asked by rosalindcrone on Jun 1, 2015
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I'm relatively new to ArcGIS. I taught myself to do some things a couple years ago and am now trying to relearn it. I have some tables of data that I need to relate to a point shapefile. Basically, the tables contain details of crimes committed in various locations. So one location (point) has many crimes. So far I have

1. converted the shapefile to a feature class
2. created a relationship class between the table and the feature class
Now I am trying to create a query table which brings together data from the feature class and the shapefile. But when I try to match the location fields in the table and feature class in the SQL builder, I get an error message, 'an expected field was not found or could not be retrieved properly'. I cannot work out what is wrong with the table (checked all the field names for spaces and length, and data appears in the relationship class I created ok when I look in the attribute table) or the SQL expression (I've got the double quote marks and no spaces). I want to create this query table so that I am eventually able to scatter the locations of the crimes, so that they do not appear stacked on top of each other.


It might be that I am doing this in a roundabout/ laborious way and there is an easier way to relate the original point shapefile to the table in a 1-M relationship that would enable me to then scatter the points. Any advice very very gratefully received!


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