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Kernel density of a set of points returns an empty raster

Question asked by iulia_klimina_bw on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by iulia_klimina_bw

Hello everyone


I'd like to calculate the Kernel density on a point shapefile. The shapefile is a result of a table with addresses that has been geocoded.

The Kernel Density tool is completed with a warning giving the following error:

000957 : Skipping feature(s) because of NULL or EMPTY geometry.

The resulting Kernel density is an empty raster.


I tried to resolve the error. I noticed that all records in the shapefile the field Shape* is completed as 'point' and no NULL values are to be found. I also tried to check the geometry (Data Management tools --> Features --> Check Geometry). This tool returned an empty table, meaning there were no issues found with the geometry.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any suggestions how to avoid it are welcome.

Thank you!