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Geoprocessing Service: Output used for input to another task

Question asked by ginomellino on May 27, 2015
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I am building a web app using arcgisonline and the web app builder. I have 2 custom python script tools, the first creates a layer from a list of OIDs from GenerateNearTable, the second performs some geoprocessing operations on this layer. This works fine in desktop but when I publish them to a web app (using arcgis online and the web app builder) I cannot access the layer from the first task in the second task. The layer is there, it displays fine, it is just not in the choice list for the second task. The second geoprocessing task has the rest of the layers as options as well as the original layer I used to create the gp result in desktop to publish from.


Is it possible to use the output of one gp task as an input to another? If so would someone be kind enough to give me some insight as too how? Is this a ridiculous idea to begin with (pls be gentle, it is my first web app )?


Thanks to all in advance.