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Adding multiple layers in specific ORDER.

Question asked by bbirbo2008 on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by mnielsen-esristaff



I am adding 1 basemap and 6 feature layers to a map.


The problem is that the "OpenAsync" call is causing the map to add the layers with a different order that i initially called them.


Please take a look at the following code:


void _mapView_LayerLoaded(object sender, LayerLoadedEventArgs e)


       if (e.Layer.ID == "basemap")






void loadOtherLayers()

           load_feature_layer_extras((int)LayerIdEnum_Extra.LayerAreas, "AREA");

           load_feature_layer_extras((int)LayerIdEnum_Extra.LayerBlocks, "BLOCKS");

           load_feature_layer_extras((int)LayerIdEnum_Extra.LayerRoads, "ROAD NETWORK");


           load_feature_layer_extras((int)LayerIdEnum.LayerLinks, "LINKS");

           load_feature_layer_extras((int)LayerIdEnum.LayerContainers, "CONTAINERS");

           load_feature_layer_extras((int)LayerIdEnum.LayerNodes, "NODES");




private async void load_feature_layer_extras(int layerId, string layerName)


          var featureLayer = await Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Data.ServiceFeatureTable.OpenAsync(new Uri(unetworkServiceURL_Extra + string.Format("FeatureServer/{0}", layerId)));

          featureLayer.Mode = QueryMode.OnDemand;


          var flayer = new FeatureLayer(featureLayer)


              ID = layerId.ToString(),

              DisplayName = layerName,

              IsVisible = false





How do i make sure that all 6 layers ends up in the same order that i called them ?


Thanks in Advance.