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Problem with debugging ArcMap Addin in Eclipse

Question asked by finix1991 on May 25, 2015

Hi, I'm using the Java SampleAddin to test the debugging function in Eclipse. I have enabled the extension debugging and Java interop logging (ArcObjects Help for Java developers). Eclipse can connect to ArcMap when I using remote debug. However, when I debug my addin, I cannot find any toolbar or addin installed in ArcMap from the Addin Manager. So, the breakpoints I inserted to my code cannot be hit...


I thought Eclipse might need deploying the addin to ArcMap (This is automatically done in Visual Studio and .NET when debuging). Then I installed the deployed addin to ArcMap and remote debug the codes. It says breakpoint cannot be inserted and the reason is absent line number information. However, I checked the Window -> preference in Eclipse and the line number is enabled. I tried simply clicking a button in the sample toolbar, but the breakpoints inserted at the corresponding codes cannot be hit.


Any solution to this?