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Saving credentials with WMS layer

Question asked by ehooper on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by Will.Walker

I have some code similar to below that connects to a WMS layer.

var current = new WMSMapLayerClass();
var propSet = new PropertySetClass();
propSet.SetProperty("URL", URL);
propSet.SetProperty("USER", UserName);
propSet.SetProperty("Password", Password);
var connName = new WMSConnectionNameClass();
connName.ConnectionProperties = propSet;

This works great. However if I save the layers with a mxd and open with ArcMap I need to re enter the password. It does remember the account and the URL just not the password. There is a check box on the connection screen to "Remember Password", that once is checked fixes the issue. The question is how do I "Remember" the password from the arc objects API?Jonathan DeRose Is there anyway we can make this a high priority item. Thanks! Jody Anderson